Do You Have Blockout Curtains For Winter?

9th May 2016

Winter is nipping at our heels, which means it’s time to switch out our sandals for boots, t-shirts for sweatshirts, and sheer curtains for blockout curtains. Just as you recognize your body’s need for more insulation, you should recognize your home’s need for insulation, too. Shop for blockout curtains online, and hang them in the rooms you occupy most frequently; for best effort, we recommend hanging blockout curtains in every room of the home during the breezy, chilly winter.

Why Hang Blockout Curtains In The Winter?

Blockout curtains offer our homes many advantages aside from the beauty and decor. Blockout curtains have three layers of fabric, which helps prevent any winter air from sneaking into the home.

Imagine lying in bed with one blanket. It’s pleasant, but it’s also a bit chilly. Now put two more blankets on top of the first, and you’ll warm right up.

The extra layers of fabric on the blockout curtain are additional insulation that will keep your rooms warmer and the electrical bills down since you won’t have to crank the heat.

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Style

We don’t know if you’ve previously hung blockout curtains or if this is your first consideration, but let us tell you that blockout curtains are sleek and stylish, even with the three layers of much-needed fabric.

Blockout curtains come in three styles: eyeletpinch pleat, and pencil pleat. Then, within these style groups, there are curtain panels of all different colours and fabric patterns.

Best of all, shopping for blockout curtains online means affordable prices. Count up your sheers you have hanging in your home now, and purchase blockout curtains to replace them for the winter. A warm home this winter sounds absolutely pleasant.