Home Decorating Mistake #1: Bad Lighting

10th Aug 2016

The trick to making your home look fresh, modern, and fantastic is to learn from others’ mistakes. Decorating can be quite the task, and mistakes are easy to make. We’re starting a blog series that talks about the five most common mistakes people make when decorating their homes; today, we’re focusing on how bad lighting is mistake number one.

Hint: Avoiding this mistake starts by purchasing the right curtains online. We can definitely help you make the right choice there.

Mistake: Bad Lighting

The lighting in a room dictates the function. Dark, moody lighting is great for home theatre rooms. Overly bright lighting is appreciated in an office or study where much reading takes place. However, the mistake-makers often under light the important areas. You may have nailed every other decorating point but the lighting, and nobody will be able to see it because it’s too dark. Bummer.

How To Avoid It

Instead of dealing with bad lighting, help out yourself. The best thing you can do is take advantage of free light - aka the sun - by choosing the right curtains online. Sheer curtains are a good choice because they help you maintain privacy while letting in the sunlight.

You can also find trendy and stylish lamps to help brighten up the place. More than one source of light is a good rule of thumb. If you’re feeling quite ambitious, you can work with an electrician to re-light the room. If not, find extra table and floor lamps to brighten the space or change the look and feel depending on the mood.

Keep these tips in mind, have fun brightening your home, and keep reading our series in order to avoid making these other four mistakes.

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