Home Decorating Mistake #5: Rushing

18th Aug 2016

You’ve just dropped off the kids at rugby practice and are headed to the store for some quick decor shopping before you have to pick them back up in an hour. Stop yourself now! The last mistake of home decorating that too many people make is rushing. Give yourself time to put together a great look. Shop online for the right curtains; browse through different markets for the perfect piece of art. Do not sell yourself short and get bored decorating a house into a home.

Mistake: Rushing

Whether you were similar to the scenario described above or are the type who would do a good job for the first half of the room and then get anxious to complete the project and rush to the finish, a big mistake is going too quickly.

How To Avoid It

The simplest way to avoid rushing through home decor is to find a way to enjoy it. We love browsing Pinterest for home decoration ideas, researching current trends in the news, and really thinking about our favourite styles, too. It’s okay to take things slow in order to pick the best pieces of decor. If you are the type who might get bored halfway through the decorating project, solicit the help of some friends who think along the same page as you who you can trust to make decorating decisions. Otherwise, remember that it doesn’t need to be completed now.

Whether you feel the need to rush because you’re always busy or because you get bored, you may find solace in learning our shipping only takes two days. Now, this goes against the flow of the whole blog, so take your time on other decisions since the curtains you buy online will ship so quickly.

You deserve a well decorated home, so learn from these mistakes to truly turn your house into a home without too much trouble.

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