How To Best Accessorize Window Treatments

12th Sep 2016

Buying a curtain online doesn’t always set up your windows for success. Yes, you have taken the first step to adding lovely decor to your home that also protects your privacy, but the curtain itself may not be enough. There are a handful of curtain accessories that take the curtain from drab to fab.

The Best (And Sometimes Necessary) Curtain Accessories Online

Curtain Rod

Buying a curtain does not do much good unless it has a rod on which it can hang. Many curtain purchases are only one panel in order to make it flexible for all types of purchases. Eyelet curtains hang directly on the rod.

Curtain Hooks or Rings

While eyelet style curtains hang directly on the rod, styles such as pencil pleat and pinch pleat need rooks or rings to connect and slide on the curtain rod. There are many different styles of curtain hooks that can cater to any home decor.

Curtain Ends

It can look like an unfinished project to leave a curtain rod without the ends capped. Instead of the typical plastic caps that come with many curtain rods, home owners can upgrade the curtain ends to urn shaped or metal square ends at Quickfit.

Curtain Hold Backs

Let in the sunlight by holding the curtains back with these aptly named Curtain Hold Backs. Again, there are many styles of curtain hold backs available online for different prices to help each home owner create a unique style with the windows and treatments. I suppose that is why they call it accessorizing!

Enjoy these curtain accessories.