How To Leverage Windows To Improve Your Home

21st Apr 2016

Windows are an incredible feature of the home. They are our favourite aspect, anyway. The great part about windows is there are many different ways to make them work for your home. Sure, they’re a hole in the wall that allows you to see outside without feeling the weathering effects, but the decorations around the windows add a special touch to the overall decor. It’s the decor that helps illuminate the windows as they complement the home and bring inside nature. Our design experts at Quickfit are here to share a few different ways to decorate windows for various rooms using the curtains you can find online.

A Busy Guest Room

Does your guestroom overlook a busy street? To avoid adding to the hustle and bustle, use neutral coloured curtains and wall colours to create a calm, cocoon-like effect. Blockout curtains, although not directly created for this purpose, can help stop a bit of the exterior sound since they are made with a thicker material.

In short: buy the eyeletpinch pleat, or pencil pleat blockout curtains for a busy room.

A Rural Family Room

The beautiful Australian countryside is one of the best views to see out the window of a family room. Long curtains that pool on the floor are exquisite for this room because they add to the warmth of the room. Patterned curtains, such as those with the Jacquard stitching, add a delicate touch to the raw, natural landscape outside the window.

In short: buy the curtains with a Jacquard stitch at an extra long length.

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