How To Save Yourself From A Curtain Disaster

26th May 2016

There’s nothing worse than spending your time and money on a home remodel project only to be disappointed with the final look. You have this incredible vision of the remodel in your head. The carpet will be gone, and the hardwood floors will add a classic touch. The simple paint on the walls is going to look so much better than the old wallpaper pattern that distracted every guest who walked in the house. Everything is coming together nicely until the curtains arrive and clash colours with the paint. There’s no way to justify repainting the walls, so it has to be the curtains that change. Now, you have to go back to the curtain retailer to try and pick the right colour. How difficult! Instead of busting out the door in a sour mood, take a breath, log on to your computer, and order a curtain sample from Quickfit.

Order Sample Curtains Online

The easiest way to save yourself from an ongoing decor disaster is to order free swatches of curtain fabric from Quickfit. There are so many curtains to choose from, and shopping online does not afford you the opportunity to touch, feel, and see the curtain. Therefore, we offer the free swatches that will be delivered to your home for you to display in the room.

With the opportunity to choose five different curtain swatches to sample, you’ll be able to rest well knowing that you’ve seen many options in your home. Which curtain looks best with the paint colour? Do you like the way the material flows in front of the window? Would you prefer a curtain of a different material or texture? The sample curtains online will make your decisions easier than going back and forth between the store to try and test different styles with your remodel project.

We love making your window decor an easy step for the remodeling project. Simply follow this link to order curtain samples online, select the five samples you’d like to receive, input your mailing address, and wait patiently for the samples to arrive in a few business days.