Making Kids’ Bedrooms Pop With Colourful Curtains

5th Jul 2016

There are times when kids can require quite a lot of energy from the parents, making sure children are fed and cleansed, out of trouble, and in good spirits each and every day. Luckily, not all kid things have to be hard to handle. Decorating a kid’s bedroom can be a great time, especially when you customize it for your kiddo especially. Kids love colour. It’s bright. It’s fun. It makes a great choice for bedroom decor. There are plenty of ways to tie colour into the bedroom, but one of our favourites is to give the room a pop of colour using curtains found online in our Childrens Curtain Collection.

Tying Colourful Curtains Into A Kid’s Bedroom Decor

Start With The Right Curtain Style

There are plenty of curtain styles that come in plenty of colours, making curtains a great starting point for decorating a bedroom as a whole. There are blockout curtains, sheer curtains, bed canopies, and so much more. There’s red, violet, blue, pink, white (a great neutral colour for a brightly painted room), and white with a block of colour at the bottom for an accent.

Move To The Walls

Once you have your window decor selected, you can match paint colours, choose a fun wallpaper, or select a neutral colour and focus more on the wall decor that is added later. We don’t recommend white paint for a kid’s bedroom because those dirty fingers will leave prints to show with a slight touch. Darker colours or more vibrant shades that complement the curtain colour will be great choices. Think about the complementary colours on the wheel, opposites that attract: red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. These bold statements look exquisite and provide a fun place for your kid to grow.

End With The Extras

Now comes the really fun part! Adding the extra accessories to the room brings the entire project together. Choose items that your child will (hopefully) like for years to help you save money on the budget. The blanket can match the curtains to make simple connections. The shelving and other furniture can be a nice wood stain that will look great no matter what the current style magazines are telling you.

We hope you have a good time decorating your child’s bedroom! Order your curtains online today ($9.95 flat rate shipping for ready-made curtains), and get started decorating soon.