Moving? Why Windows Should Be Your First Focus

3rd Jun 2016

Congratulations! You’re moving into a new home. This is an exciting part of life because everything starts fresh. The home decoration starts from scratch. That means you can pick out brand new blinds and curtains online with Quickfit and have them delivered to your new home in about three days. Windows should be one of the first projects in your new home, and here’s why.

Focus On Windows First


Did you procrastinate buying window coverings for your new home? A quick fix for privacy while you wait for your curtains to arrive is to unpack a box, flatten the box, and then tape the box to the window frame to block your new nosey neighbors from taking a peek. Then, you’ll want to get that cardboard off as soon as possible so you can enjoy some sunlight and privacy, so curtains or blinds are a must.


There are few things more comfortable than the cozy look of new curtains in the home. Whether you choose to add colour or keep it simple, there’s no doubt that a curtain is more comfortable than a blank window or cardboard box.

Helps Guide the Rest of the Decor

Let your window decoration choices guide the rest of your home decor. The curtains are often the focal point of any room, so build the rest of the room around the focal point to bring your home’s look together.

Stay ahead of the game and order your blinds and curtains online from Quickfit before the move so you can get started on your first project right away.