Safety First: Don’t Combine Fire And Curtains

29th Jun 2016

The home is a place of comfort and security. 

It’s a place where many people go when distressed or in need of relaxation. 

Overall, comfort and relaxation are three things that go well together; however, there are times when people become too relaxed at home and end up turning the home into a stressful situation that is in no way comfortable.

Imagine this scenario: it’s an early winter night, and the family has come home from a long day’s work. The man walks into the dark home and flips the light switch. Nothing. He tries another. Still no light. The power must be out, so he strikes up a match and lights a candle in the center of the table, giving him enough light to maneuver the home and light more candles to provide warmth and sight.

As he goes about his nightly business, kicking off his shoes and preparing a meal, a burning stench sneaks into his nose. He looks down at the meal he’s cooking and notices there is nothing burning. What could it be? He takes a stroll around the home to find the window curtains ignited by the candle flame that is now outrageously running up the fabric. Both curtains are on fire! He cannot immediately phone for the fire service because of the power outage, so he books it out of the house to his neighbors. Before he can knock on the door, his lovely (yet sometimes too observant) neighbor greets him while on the phone with the fire service. They’re on their way to save the home.

This tale reminds us to keep it safe at home, especially when situations are abnormal. Candles and fires are great tools for warmth and light, but they don’t mix well with fabric and other flammables. Stay clear of curtain fabric hanging down near open flames or hot lamps, and you’ll enjoy a safe home. 

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