Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom Windows

18th Feb 2016

Decorating a bedroom can be lots of fun. Depending on how many hours you want to put into the project, you may paint the walls, assemble new furniture, pick out a new bedspread, and find the right curtains to pull it all together.

Yesterday we introduced our brand new Shimmer Eyelet Sheer Curtains, and we just love the added touch they give a bedroom look.


Shimmer Sheer Ivory Eyelet Curtains ($15.95 per panel)

The Shimmer eyelet curtains come in both white and off-white/ivory, both of which are compatible with all room themes and colours. There are a few different ways you can add Shimmer curtains to your windows.

Shimmer eyelet curtains only.

These curtains are a delicate piece of fabric that hangs lightly and elegantly over a window. Covering a window with Shimmer eyelet curtains gives you a bit of privacy while still letting in plenty of sunlight.

Shimmer eyelet curtains with traditional roller blinds.

Taking these curtains and placing them atop the traditional roller blinds gives a bedroom more privacy than the curtains only. The roller blinds block more sunlight and provide more privacy while the curtains add the decorative touch.

Shimmer eyelet curtains with Timber Look Blinds.

The Timber Look Blinds combined with sheer curtains provide the most privacy and professional look. The Timber Look Blinds represent wood paneled blinds but are more affordable since they aren’t made of wood. The blinds are more durable and block more sunlight than roller blinds. In the same way that the curtains cover the traditional roller blinds, the sheer curtain look over the Timber Look Blinds gives both decoration and privacy.

Which is your favorite way to decorate a bedroom window with Shimmer Sheer Eyelet Curtains?