Use Your Wedding Dress To Add A Special Touch To Your Curtains

7th Jun 2016

Women have a knack for looking stunning in a wedding gown. This gown holds a genuine significance in many people’s lives, as it is a tangible item from a spectacular, memorable wedding day. Many women totally rock the wedding dress on the big day, and other than a few fittings and spins around the home before the wedding, the chances are high that the dress is really only worn once. Instead of packing it away in a box forever, be bold and cut your beautiful dress to add to the curtains you buy online with Quickfit. Here’s how you can reuse your wedding dress to remember it forever.

How To Add Your Wedding Dress To Existing Curtains

Determine Colour

What colour are your curtains at home? If they’re a neutral tan or beige, you may want to consider dyeing the dress to give the window a contrasting look. If the curtains are already colourful, the natural colour of your dress will look marvelous.

Gather Your Materials

  • Wedding dress
  • Scissors
  • Sewing tools (needle, thread) - use hem tape if you don’t want to sew
  • Fabric dye (if applicable)
  • Curtain rod

Start Creating

1. Measure and Cut

The lace pieces of wedding dresses convert well into window coverings. Measure the width of the window, and cut that much lace from the dress. We recommend the lace hangs down ¼ metre from the top of the window, but it is totally up to you. Also, if you’d like to follow the same rippled look as traditional curtains, cut yourself some extra width to give it flow. A more taut look can be achieved by cutting the same width of dress as the window is wide.

2. Dye the Fabric

If you want to change the colour of your dress, the best thing to do is follow the dye instructions carefully. Looking for a dye recommendation? Don’t forget that blue is the new black, so a pop of blue-dyed dress will look ravishing against the neutral coloured curtains. Let the dyed fabric dry fully. Iron it prior to moving on to the next step.

3. Sew the Dress

Fold the top 15 cm of the lace back on itself and press. Do this at each corner; then, move toward the middle following the same fold and press pattern.

Sew along the bottom of the fold. The goal is to leave a hole for the curtain rod to slide through, making it easy to hang.

If you are using a material other than lace, you may elect to hem the bottom and sides so the material doesn’t fray. Otherwise, lace is a sturdy material that looks beautiful without additional hem.

4. Add the Curtain Rod

The project is almost complete! Lastly, take a small curtain rod or dowel, and feed it through the small pocket you created at the top. This hangs the dress like a curtain.

Add this beautiful project to the top of your window for a beautiful and commemorative touch of decor. Now, you’ll be able to get more use out of your wedding gown and remember the special day everytime you look out the window.

A brand new touch of window decor may warrant new curtains. If you’d like to revamp your windows, you can order free samples of curtains online. We’re happy to help you make your home decor exactly as you imagine.