Curtains Or Blinds: What’s Best For Your Home?

1st Feb 2016

Covering a window is both a challenge and a simple task at the same time. Well, that seems confusing. The truth is that it can be relatively simple if you know what type of window coverings your home needs and you can quickly find, order, and hang them in your home. It can be a challenge because the way you want to decorate your windows is not always immediately clear. If you know which type of window covering you want for your home, you can start shopping online for blinds and curtains that match your style. If you’re feeling the challenge, then continue reading for a quick breakdown of some common hurdles that can make this decorating process a bit simpler.


Curtains are typically long pieces of fabric that hang on the outside of the window frame. Curtains are made from a variety of fabric materials and colours that offer the homeowner a wide variety of design and function options. There are blockout curtains that provide insulation and prevent the entrance of light in the room, and there are sheer curtains that add a light layer of privacy and style without obstructing the view. Sheer curtains and blockout curtains alike come in many styles, including pinch pleat, pencil pleat, and eyelet curtains that can be used to cover the window in a stylish, more traditional way.

Sheer Curtains

Blockout Curtains

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Traditionally blinds cover the window inside the window frame. Like curtains, there are a variety of blind styles available to fit the look and theme of any home. Roller blinds are the most popular style; this kind is one piece of fabric that glides along a bar to roll the blind up the window frame to expose the window. The roller blinds come in a variety of colours and styles. Sunscreen blinds are made of a thin polyester and PVC that provides privacy and decor without sacrificing natural light. Blockout blinds function the same way as blockout curtains, but remain within the window frame. Lastly, Quickfit offers traditional Venetian blinds with a timber look. The small wooden planks glide together nicely to open the blind, and when this style of blind is closed, it gives the room a classic wooden look.

Blockout Blinds

Timber Venetian Blinds

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If you still aren’t sure what type of window covering will work best for your home, do not hesitate to contact our design professionals for advice.