Decorate Oddly Shaped Windows With These Custom Curtains

21st Sep 2016

Are you in the market for curtains to cover your oddly shaped windows? Look no further because Quickfit sells custom-made curtains and blinds to take care of those needs. The beauty of shopping for custom curtains online with Quickfit is we make it a very simple process from start to finish. Order those curtains that are uncommon sizes to decorate and secure the home via the most oddly shaped windows. From the long narrow windows that show a beautiful view to the bay doors that welcome everyone into the dining room, these pieces of glass can be covered precisely; you will not pay a fortune for them, either.

The Custom Curtain Process At Quickfit

Choose Fabric

Make a selection from our wide variety of curtain fabrics. There are different colours and detailed patterns in our inventory, which hopefully match the vision you have for your home or office. There are solid colours and patterns, textured fabrics and sheers.

Choose Header

The header of the curtain is also known as the curtain style. Do you want eyelet, pinch pleat, pencil pleat, etc? Make your choice during step two to ensure the curtain hangs exactly as you imagine.

Enter Measurements

Measure your window by carefully following these guidelines. Alongside measuring the size of the window and frame, it is important to decide where the end of the curtain should hang. Do you want it to stop at the end of the sill or carry to the floor? The choice is yours with custom-made curtains.

Make the Purchase

Once the curtains are designed and the measurements are entered, it is time to make the purchase. As you go through the various options to create the curtain, the online software will calculate the price. Simply make your purchase and wait a few days for the custom curtains to arrive. Do not forget to add the right hardware for the curtains you just purchased online.

We hope these curtains are just what you want. Thanks for shopping at Quickfit!

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