Decorating Your Home? Why You Should Use Wallpaper Over Paint

19th Mar 2016

While not many people would argue the aesthetic benefits of wallpaper and coverings over paint, you may be surprised to learn that wallpaper is, over time, quite the wise economical choice. If you're looking to add an accent wall or other home decoration ideas, it may pay off to consider wallpaper over paint. In fact, studies show that most wallpaper now lasts five times longer than paint - as long as 15 years!

Even though the initial investment in wallpaper is a bit higher than paint, you can actually end up saving 30 percent or more over time by choosing wallpaper because unlike paint, wallpaper doesn't require repainting approximately every three to four years.

Consider the aesthetic appeal of wallpaper. Modern wallpaper offers an unmatched aesthetic appeal that you can't get with paint. While most people are familiar with the major painting techniques like textured paint, faux finishes, and accent walls, many are unaware of their counterparts when it comes to wallpaper. Plus, not many people know about the unique features and decor you can achieve with only wallpaper. For example:

  • Digital: You can print computer generated designs onto wallpaper.
  • Photographic: You can create custom wallpaper using your favorite photographs.
  • Faux Surfaces: When you apply a textured wallpaper and follow it with paint, you can replicate the look of intricate molding or an expensive tin ceiling.
  • Wood: Consider applying a wallpaper that looks like wood to add formality at a fraction of the cost when compared to real wood paneling.

Wallpaper is the perfect way to dress up your walls, and our line of wallpaper will do just that! Looking for more home decoration ideas? Start shopping now!