Do Thermal Curtains Keep Heat Out In Summer?

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

Thermal curtains, or insulated curtains, are made from certain types of fabrics that are known to significantly reduce heat transfer. These thermal qualities are often achieved either by applying a foam coating or backing to the reverse of the fabric, or making the curtains from a thickly woven material called ‘triple weave’. This technology is by no means new and thermal curtains have been used by savvy homeowners for years to keep the heat inside the home during the winter months.

But do thermal curtains work during the summer months? Well the short answer is yes. In the same way that thermal curtains greatly reduce the amount of heat that may escape your room via your windows in the winter, they can also block heat from entering a room during the summer. However, just because you have chosen to install thermal curtains due to their thermal qualities doesn’t mean that they will keep your room cool without your help. In order to gain the benefits from thermal curtains there are a number of things that you must do to ensure you get the most from your chosen window dressing.

Firstly, the curtains must fit your chosen window correctly. Thermal curtains should completely block any sun from entering the room when drawn. When measuring your windows prior to shopping for thermal curtains it’s important to consider the following;

  1. How much you would like the curtains to overlap the edges of the window.
  2. How far from the ceiling you would like the curtain to start.
  3. How far away from the floor your curtain will hang.
  4. Curtain return.
  5. Heading style.

In order to gain the most benefit from thermal curtains it’s recommending that there should be a decent amount of overlap on all edges of the window. This will reduce the amount of heat or sunlight that can enter the room from the perimeter of the curtains when they are closed.

grey curtains held back with rope

You’ll also want to make sure that you hang your thermal curtains in the correct direction. If you’ve opted for thermal curtains that feature a foam coating or backing on one side then ensure that this coated side is the one that faces your windows once installed.

For thermal curtains to keep a room cool successfully you’ll need to see to it that you close your curtains well before any sunlight has the chance to enter the space. If you wait until the sun is already streaming in and heating up the space then you will be disappointed. Closing the curtains later on in the day will only trap this heat inside the room. Instead, close your thermal curtains first thing or even keep them closed if you know it’s going to be a hot and sunny day. This is especially important for East-facing windows that get the sun very early in the day. Once the sun has eased off and the air outside has started to cool down then you can open the curtains if you so wish.

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Other Benefits to installing thermal curtains

As well as keeping your room cooler during the hot summer months there are a number of other benefits to gain from adding thermal curtains to your home.

Keep out the cold during the colder months - in the same way thermal curtains can keep your rooms cooler during the summer time, they will also insulate your windows throughout the colder months and minimise the amount of heat that may escape from your windows.

Help reduce energy bills - when used and installed correctly, thermal curtains could aid with lowering household utility bills such as gas and electric. This is due to the simple fact that if your rooms are general warmer or cooler because of thermal curtains there is far less need to use other interior heating or cooling options unnecessarily.

They look great - another obvious benefit to adding thermal curtains to your home is their aesthetic. Good quality thermal curtains can add a real sense of luxury to any setting and, if chosen wisely, could be a real statement feature to your decorating scheme.

Sound absorbing qualities - due to the coating or backing on thermal curtains they could reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters your rooms via your windows. These sound absorbing qualities also mean that thermal curtains are an excellent choice for media rooms.

Add privacy to your home - as thermal curtains are opaque they will provide privacy to any space in which you choose to hang them.

Protect valuable furniture - if you own expensive antique furniture, luxurious carpets or other types of upholstery and textiles then thermal curtains could help protect them. By blocking harmful UV rays from entering the room via your windows, thermal curtains could prevent such items from being bleached from the sunlight and therefore fading over time.

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Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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