Easy Rental Home Decoration Ideas

10th Apr 2016

Decorating Your Rental Home With Colour

A lot of rental homes and landlords don’t allow painting. This forces a lot of us to live with uninteresting, off-white walls, and this can make finding home decoration ideas hard! Thankfully for you, we’re here today to take a look at some home decoration ideas that allow you to add color to your rental home without losing your deposit.

Decorating With Vivid Area Rugs

Vividly-coloured area rugs add a strong statement to your room without creating too much visual clutter. You can find great, brightly colored area rugs in many different price points and sizes, and they can do 90 percent of the heavy lifting when it comes to adding style and colour to a room.

Decorating With Bold Curtains

Looking to add some colour and drama to your rental? Boldly-coloured curtain panels are a great option. Floor-to-ceiling length boldly-coloured curtain panels not only make the lowest ceiling appear taller, but they can also make the simplest white box feel glamourous. However, nothing will set you apart more than your hardware: it’s worth spending the extra money for the metal finishes rather than the cheap white curtain rods.

Decorating With Colourful Art

A home without art is like food without any flavour: you can eat it, but who wants food without flavour? Art makes your home personal and helps you express your unique personality. Don’t break the bank, though! You can find affordable art online, frame your kid’s drawings in modern frames, or even create your own. One rule of thumb to remember when adding art to your home is to NOT buy it because it matches your furniture or because it’s the right size. Buy your art because you love it and because it speaks to you.

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