Get decorating your windows black with this easy to create colour pallet that screams WOW.

Posted by Jane Dodge BA Fashion Design RMIT: Textile Designer Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 22nd Apr 2015

Black Curtains set the stage for this classic yet fun colour pallet.

The red, black, grey colour pallet has to be one of my favourites. A strong statement that creates a modern clean feel to your room. A very popular colour scheme for the stylish savvy male decorator and equally as popular for the strong willed, clean and minimalist style woman.

A great pallet for singles apartments, teenage retreats, or family homes. Super easy to create and a real winner in our eyes.

Start your project with a neutral coloured wall.

  • Black Curtains add to the drama and you can use either sheers for a softer look or the heavier coated blockout eyelet curtain type. You can find a heap of ideas and styles of black curtains.
  • For all the main room items such as cabinets, bed heads, desks and sofas, select a combination of lighter colours and darker coloured pieces. Preferably either black or very dark brown and light timbers, or white or grey toned beiges for soft furnishing pieces.
  • Now for the fun bit! Add a few accent pieces to the room - a red cushion, a red throw or some interesting collectors piece in vibrant red. Try to keep all the reds in a similar toning. The red will really pop out, so don't go over board, and try to find a few really interesting pieces. If you have an interesting piece, you can spray paint it with a tin of high gloss fire engine red.

Black Curtains that add WOW to your room black and red bed

colour palette  Black Curtains with charcoal and red accent

* Room shots from Carlisle Display Homes