Have You Made These 5 Home Decorating Mistakes?

8th Aug 2016

The greatness of decorating your very own home lies in the decision making. You get to decide which colour you paint the walls. You get to choose which curtains to hang in front of the windows. You get to finalize all decoration pieces that tell the stories you’ve lived or the dreams you puruse. In all of your valiant efforts, have you ever looked back and realized you made a huge mistake? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. From choosing the wrong style of curtains online to not giving yourself enough light, there are five key mistakes that many homeowners make when decorating or renovating their homes. Let’s take a look.

Five Common Home Decorating Mistakes

1. Bad Lighting

Whether you chose way too many lights for a small space or not enough light, you’ll notice sooner rather than later that lighting is a huge player when it comes to the feel and look of a room. Read more.

2. Misplaced Art

Decorating the walls with art can be a tricky task. The wrong placement can give the room a distasteful look or no look at all. Which way did you go? Read more.

3. Match, Match, Match

Did you decide on a theme and take it too far? Everything matching is a no-no. Some things matching one theme and other things matching a different, complementary theme is a yes-yes. Not every curtain panel has to match! Read more.

4. Quantity Over Quality

It’s easy to get carried away with cute knick-knacks or decorations of your favourite colour. However, it’s often better to decorate with fewer, better items than many okay items. Read more.

5. Rushing

Did you get in too far over your head? Decorating an entire room in one day is a mighty big project. Rushing to finish the project because you’re bored is a very common mistake. Read more.

It’s easy to make a decorating mistake, but by heeding the lessons learned from others, you can avoid disliking your home decor. Start by shopping for the best curtains online; our experts can help you decide on great choices.