Home Decoration Ideas For Small Spaces

4th Mar 2016

We know how hard it can be to create an open and airy atmosphere with just a few hundred square feet. However, when you properly plan out and think through your small space, you can make it just as functional and beautiful as a large one. In fact, there are plenty of home decoration ideas that you can use when decorating a small space to make it seem larger.

  • Consider using mirrors. Mirrors are a great decorative accessory for a small space because they create a sense of openness while reflecting light. However, there are a few rules for using mirrors in small spaces: use one really large mirror with a nice frame instead of a few small ones, and place your large mirror across from a window if possible. This will reflect more light and create an open atmosphere.
  • Use larger furniture. While this may seem contradictory, adding large furniture to small spaces actually makes your space look larger. Cramming too many small pieces into a small space will only make the room look cluttered.
  • Consider armless seating. This is a great way to maintain an open, airy feeling in a small space. Armless seating, such as slipper chairs and sofas, helps reduce visual clutter while creating the illusion of more space.
  • Don't buy billowing window treatments. It's a good idea to only use streamlined window treatments in small spaces. For example, shutters, roman shades, and blinds are great ideas for windows in small spaces. We know that billowing curtains can seem luxurious, but they take up a lot of visual space.

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