How Do You Measure When Buying Curtains?

16th Apr 2017

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Curtains are a type of home decoration that can say a lot or a little. Depending on your style, curtains can be quiet, simple, and sleek or loud, bold, and prominent. The best part about curtains is homeowners can take on different decor styles in different rooms by purchasing different curtains online and using them in different ways. One thing that is essential to keep in mind when decorating with curtains is the proper measurements. There are not standard measurements for certain window sizes; however, there are certain ways to measure to help achieve different looks with curtains.

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Quiet, Simple, Sleek Curtain Designs

The quiet and simple look can be achieved in a room by hanging curtains that fit snugly to the window frame. By hanging curtain fabric that closely fits the frame, the window decor matches the same feel of the room that the window itself gives.

Proper Measurements

To properly measure a window frame for curtains that hang perfectly around the frame, start just above the top of the frame where the curtain rod sets.

The ideal length of a curtain is measured from the curtain rod to 3 inches below the frame.

The width should be measured 1-2 inches on either side of the frame.

Some fabric overlap makes the window covering look complete without taking over the feel of the actual window size itself.

Loud, Bold, Prominent Curtain Designs

If you are more interested in making a statement with the curtains hanging in a room, you may be inclined to have long and full curtains. These are in style now, and curtain fabric that falls to or and pools on the floor needs to be properly measured and ordered so it doesn’t look like an incomplete project or a missed attempt at something of great style.

Proper Measurements

If you are measuring for curtains that will fall just to the floor, the measurements are fairly similar to those of the simple curtain designs.

Measure the length from the curtain rod to the floor. The width measurements should be an inch or two more than the width of the actual window frame.

If you dare to be bold and have curtains that pool on the floor, you’ll add about 6 inches to the length measurement to give it the full look at the base.

Custom, Made-To-Measure Curtains Online

As previously mentioned, homeowners have the luxury of styling multiple rooms in different ways depending on the curtains they buy online. Quickfit offers custom, made-to-measure curtains so you can be sure that the curtain length you order will perfectly fit the windows as you desire.

Stay tuned to our blog to find out more helpful information about the best length of curtains. As with most trends, curtain styles are always changing. You can count on Quickfit to point you in the direction of most popular styles and trends of the times as well as classics that never seem to fade.

Start creating your ideal window look today with custom curtains from Quickfit.