How Roller Blinds Work

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

Roller blinds are remarkable. They are a very simple window covering that has transformed the way we view blinds as a whole. Here at Quickfit, we do not even sell other types of blinds online. (With one exception - we have one style for a Venetian blind). This is simply because we cannot get over how easy the roller blinds are to install, use, and clean. Moreover, roller blinds are one of those blinds styles that may just be eternal. The simple fabric will be trending for many years because they are all neutral colours and classic.

The Components

The first step to learning how something works is to know the different parts that are involved: 

  • Solid Sheet of Fabric (SunScreen or Blockout) 
  • Hollow Tube 
  • Mechanics 
  • Mounting Parts 
  • Chain 
  • Bottom Rail


  • The function of the roller blind begins with mounting the blind to the window frame. Upon ordering blinds online, you will be prompted with the option to mount the blinds on the inside or outside of the window frame. The mounting parts include brackets, connecting pieces, and screws. 
  • The fabric is wound around the tube using the chain and the side mechanics via a pulley system. Another choice you get to make when ordering blinds online is which side of the window you want the chain to hang. The chain winds around a spinning mechanism that rotates the hollow tube and moves the fabric. 
  • The sheet of fabric winds around the hollow tube, raising and lowering the bottom of the fabric. Depending where the fabric is rolled determines how much light is let into the room. If you can imagine the fabric wound tightly around the tube, you can also picture the window open and the room filled with sunlight! Likewise, when there is not much fabric wound around the tube, you can imagine the room dark and private because the blind is drawn and closed. 
  • Once the blind panel is properly measured and cut for the desired length, the bottom rail is installed. This piece gives the roller blind a finished look and also prevents the blind fabric from completely winding around the hollow tube at the top. The chain could pull the fabric forever if the bottom rail did not exist.

Different Types of Roller Blinds

  • SunScreen blinds are a more see-through type of fabric. It is still stiff and durable, but it is made with patchy holes that help the sun filter into the room while the blind is down. The SunScreen is a great option for people who want to maintain privacy inside the room but want to be able to see outside or have sunlight filter into the room. 
  • Blockout blinds are very private and dark. When the blind is closed, it blocks almost 100 percent of the sunlight, which obviously means it blocks everyone from looking into the room too. The blockout blind is a great choice for home theatre rooms, nurseries, and other rooms that are sensitive to light.

Do you think these are the right type of blind for you? Shop online for roller blinds from Quickfit!

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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