How To Choose Blinds For Small Windows

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

It can be tricky finding the perfect window coverings to fit smaller windows. But with more and more compact homes like apartments, units, and townhouses being built in the inner city, more households across Melbourne and Sydney are likely to have smaller and smaller window sizes. As a result, learning how to choose blinds for small windows can go a long way for your home, ensuring fuctionality and aesthetic appeal.

Even though it may seem easier to just leave these smaller windows bare, there are a variety of reasons why it’s well worth ensuring that they are covered by a good set of curtains or blinds. After all, any exposed windows leave your home at risk of experiencing poor insulation, or decreasing the overall privacy of your home’s interiors.

How To Choose Blinds For Small Windows

So how can you go about making sure that these windows receive all the coverage that they need? In today's guide, we'll delve into and explore some of the best blinds to choose for your home’s smaller windows. The approach to learning how to choose blinds for small windows varies based on your specific needs and window dimensions. Read on to hear just what our interior designers here at QuickFit think about finding the perfect coverings for your home’s smaller windows.

Here's what to consider on how to choose blinds for small windows:

how to choose blinds for small windows

What is a Smaller Window?

First of all, let’s define exactly what constitutes a ‘smaller’ window. A typical window in the home comes in three size variations:

  • 70 centimetres wide by 116 centimetres tall
  • 80 centimetres wide by 126 centimetres tall
  • 85 centimetres wide by 136 centimetres tall

If you have a window that is smaller than these standard measurements, then chances are you’ll need to get some curtains and blinds custom-made to fit that particular window.

Have you had a difficult time choosing blinds for small windows? Fret no more because here at QuickFit, you can shop online for blinds made just for the window(s) you need to cover.

Choose Roller Blinds for Small Windows

Here at QuickFit, we specialise in creating and designing roller blinds, a style of blind that is modern and versatile, making them perfectly suited for easily covering irregularly shaped or oddly sized windows. These blinds are made with one panel of fabric that can be trimmed and installed for any size of window with minimal fuss.

And the best part is that you don’t need to worry too much about whether any blind panel is suitable for your smaller windows, because when you order custom-made roller blinds from QuickFit, we can actually alter your blind panels for you. All you really have to do is provide our design team with the blind measurements you’re after. What a deal!

There are three different styles of roller blinds available online at QuickFit: blockout, textured, and sunscreen blinds. We’ll be taking a closer look at all three of these styles to help you find the ideal set of blinds to suit your smaller window.

Blockout Blinds

The blockout blind prevents excess sunlight from entering the room. Although small windows prevent a lot of light from coming through anyway, it helps to have blinds covering these windows when you are aiming for complete or nearly-complete darkness.

Blockout roller blinds from QuickFit are available in a wide variety of neutral coloured shades, such as grey, ivory, white, latte, mocha, black, taupe, cream, ecru, and charcoal. This broad range of neutral colours is designed to make finding the perfect blind panels easy for all you DIY designers out there.

Textured Blinds

Like blockout blinds, our textured blinds here at QuickFit do not allow in any excess light. The main difference between the two is the style of the fabric. If you are looking for a bit more dimension or flair with your window treatments, then chances are high you’ll absolutely adore a set of textured roller blinds for your home space.

On top of this, it’s well worth noting the colours in our range of textured roller blinds. Textured blockout blinds from QuickFit are available in neutral colours, just like our regular blockout blinds, meaning they are incredibly easy to style. This means that you can splurge on textured blinds for your main living and entertainment spaces, and use smooth, regular blockout blinds for your  creative bedroom curtains, if that’s what you’d prefer to do.

Sunscreen Blinds

Unlike the blockout and textured roller blinds, sunscreen blinds allow sunlight to softly filter into your room while the blind is fully drawn down. This option is great for those who want to maintain privacy but still love the look and feel of natural sunlight in their interior spaces. Sunscreen blinds from QuickFit come in neutral colours too, although black and tan tend to be amongst the most popular colours for our range of sunscreen blinds.

Order Made-to-Measure Blinds For Your Small Windows

Now that we’ve had a look at all the different styles that our blinds come in, it’s time for you to decide what blind panel works best for you, and provide us with the measurements you’ll need your blinds cut down to.

Custom made-to-measure roller blinds can be made and sent to you in just three to five business days, meaning you won’t have to waste any time waiting for your blinds to arrive in the post once you’ve made your window styling decisions. Simply choose the roller blind fabric you want for your small windows, submit the measurements needed, select your favourite style of hardware, finalise payment and shipping information, and you will have custom blinds for your small windows on the way shortly.

blinds for small windows

Hang Custom Roller Blinds To Fit Your Small Windows

Custom, made-to-measure blinds from QuickFit are one of the best tricks you can have up your sleeve as you shop online for blinds to fit the small windows in your home. Not only will you get a blind that accurately fits the unique window size, but you will also be getting a blind that is affordable and made with high quality materials that will last for many years to come.

Upon receiving the blinds at your home, you should find it fairly simple to install the blinds on your small windows. Explicit instructions about how to install the blinds will be included in the packaging alongside your brand new blind panels. The blinds are easy to raise and to lower with the chain mechanism, but there are many awesome tech solutions that make raising roller blinds automatic or controlled by a smartphone app, which can be a great solution if you have very small or narrow windows alongside higher ceilings.

Roller blinds are made out of one piece of fabric that can be cut and trimmed to fit a window frame exactly. Moreover, they offer a very clean and polished look and can be hung in any room with any existing decor. They are also very easy to clean. When it comes to finding blinds online that will fit your small windows, we really don’t believe you can go wrong with made-to-measure roller blinds from QuickFit Blinds & Curtains.

Enjoy the ease of ordering and installing these roller blinds for your small windows. Shop online for blinds from Quickfit to get started.

How To Order Roller Blinds

Before we leave you, we’ll provide you with a final step-by-step overview of just how to choose blinds for smaller windows for yourself.

Step 1: First and foremost, it is important to measure the width and length of the windows you need to cover. If you’re buying blinds for multiple windows sharing these irregular measurements, then please have these measurements handy as you order blinds online to make placing future orders as easy as possible. Measurements should ideally also be taken in millimetres for absolute accuracy.

Step 2: After collecting measurements, the next step to creating your custom, made-to-measure roller blinds is to choose the colour and style of blinds you desire.

  • Remember that the sunscreen style is created with a patchwork of fabric that allows light to filter through the blind fabric, even when it is drawn. Privacy is still maintained with the sunscreen style, but the sunlight filters into the room, making it a great choice for living rooms and kitchens.
  • Contrastingly, the blockout style of roller blind is one that blocks out 99 percent of the light, making it a great choice for bedrooms and home theatres. And textured blinds are just there if you want to have a little bit of fun with your interior designing.

Step 3: Once the colour and style have been chosen, the rest is a breeze. It’s all about data entry and decision making at this point. Factor these key points and then choose:

  • Mount position (inside or outside the window frame)
  • Length/drop measurement (select between max 1200 mm and 2700 mm at various intervals)
  • Colour of components (white, black, or anodised silver)
  • Chain position (left or right)
  • Roll direction (front or back)

One of the last things you’ll select is the width range for your custom measurement. Your blind will still be created to the exact width you need; however, we have a few different ranges to determine prices for the custom blinds. The good news is that since you are ordering blinds for small windows, the prices will be more affordable than any other custom size.


So what are you waiting for? Place your order online for blinds that are customised to fit your small windows.

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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