How To Fix a Roller Blind Chain That Has Come Off Its Track

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

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We regularly get asked what to do if your roller blind chain breaks. All too often the chain can get pulled in the wrong direction or pulled with too much force which may cause the chain to pop out of the wheel. Once the chain has come away from the wheel mechanism you’ll no longer be able to open or close your roller blind. Luckily, most roller blinds use the same simple chain mechanism, so this common issue can be relatively easy to fix if you know just what you have to do. If your blinds are unable to be repaired, even replacing them can be simpler than you may think.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how best you can repair your broken roller blinds with ease.

How to repair your roller blind chain


Start by removing the entire roller blind from the window bracket. If your roller blind is in the closed position, be sure to roll it up using your hands to stop the blind being damaged whilst you work.


Next, try to lay the blind on a flat surface so you can remove the entire chain and wheel mechanism with ease. Once this has all been removed, you should then be able to access the inner section of your roller blind mechanism. This can be accessed using a standard screwdriver.


Once you have accessed the inner mechanism, you should then be able to readjust or ‘rethread’ the chain so that it lays flush inside the wheel once again. Note that there is a small cap inside the mechanism that you can pull away carefully in order to position the chain once more.


Now that you have the chain back in its correct position, it’s now time to carefully push the cap back into place and keep it fixed with the screw, just to ensure that your roller blind chain stays in position. Avoid tightening the screw too much, and be sure to hold all these separate parts into place whilst screwing. Be sure to enlist the help of a friend or family member here if need be.


If you've been able to complete all the above steps, you should now be able to reattach the mechanism to your roller blinds. Do so to ensure that the semi-covered part of the mechanism will sit up at the top of your blind. And hey presto, your roller blind should now be as good as new!

Replacing your roller blind chain

Many people may think that a broken roller blind chain means it’s time to replace your entire roller blind but, as we said earlier, this is certainly not the case.

If your roller blind chain or wheel mechanism is completely broken or you are unable to fix it using the guide provided above, you can simply replace the mechanism itself. Here at Quickfit Blinds and Curtains, we stock spare parts for roller blinds which are both inexpensive and easy to install. Each spare part set includes a sidewinder, a 1800mm, chain and a pin end.

Simply remove the broken or damaged mechanism by following the first two steps mentioned above, and install the new mechanism in minutes.

If you’re having issues when attempting to repair or replace your roller blind mechanism there are a number of articles and videos online that will provide you with step-by-step instructions. 

Feel free to check out our FAQ too for more information on repairs or what to do with broken curtains or blinds.

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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