How To Get Fabulous Curtains On A Tight Budget

25th Apr 2016

Home decor is one area of the house that typically suffers when the owners are on a budget.

“There’s no money to splurge on decorating,” one spouse commonly barks.

To which the other spouse retorts, “The house is bare and needs to feel like home.”

The good news is that with Quickfit’s collection of curtains online, both spouses can compromise and decorate without totally breaking the budget.

How To Use Curtains For Budget-Friendly Decor

Head to the Bargain Bin

Quickfit has a great selection of curtains on sale in our Bargain Bin collection. Essentially, this is our collection of curtains that are extras from the various over runs or end of lines we collect as a curtain manufacturer. Here we sell curtain panels between $10 and $25 each - definitely an affordable price. These styles go fast and are in a limited stock since they’re the extras in our batches.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

At Quickfit, we sell curtain panels in single packs to help out people on a budget. To truly keep your curtain costs minimal, measure the width of your window at least twice and only buy the number of curtain panels needed to appropriately cover the window. Small windows can get away with only one panel.

Choose Headers Carefully

The beauty of curtains is that there are many variations available. Adding a curtain can immediately spruce up your home decor if you choose the right curtain heading. For rooms with minimal other decor, pencil pleat or pinch pleat curtain headers are wonderful selections because they add volume and pattern to a room, drawing the eye to the top of the curtain and away from the remaining bare walls.

Decorate your home to make it personal and welcoming without completely ignoring your budget by shopping for curtains online with Quickfit. Our designers and consultants love to help our customers, so please connect with us with any questions or comments.