How to Get the Stylish Layered Look When You Order Curtains Online

18th Oct 2015

It’s easy enough to hang a pair of our curtains in your windows and call it good; they are going to look great. We make sure that all the curtains online in our store can stand on their own and look amazing. However, if you want to take your decor to another level, you’ll want to layer your curtains. If you look closely at the pictures that you admire on Pinterest and in home decor magazines, you’ll notice that many of the windows are using that layered look to boost their style and visual appeal. It’s not a difficult look to replicate in your own home! Here are three tips to get you started:

  • Choose a neutral sheer curtain. This will be the layer that’s closest to the window. The sheer layer softens the light coming in through the window and gives you a little privacy without blocking the sunshine.
  • Layer a heavier drape on top. Choose a curtain that complements the decor of your room. Don’t worry about picking a color that’s an exact match; in fact, choosing a curtain that offers a pop of contrasting color is a great way to spice up your room.
  • Pick your rods and finials. You’ll want two sets of rods and finials, one for each set of curtains, so you can fully close the heavier drapes in the evening or as a way to keep your room warmer in the winter.

That’s all it takes to achieve the layered style! Of course, you can continue to add layers for more drama or add a valance across the top to hide your rails. Customize the layered look to suit your style! Order curtains online from Quickfit today and pay just $9.95 flat rate delivery fees.