​How To Make A Room Look Bigger With Curtains

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

Whether you own your house or you’re renting, the size of a room within your home is not something you can change very easily or without starting long and expensive renovations. Yet we all want our spaces to feel large, open, spacious and stylish. When decorating smaller areas of the home many people tend to choose blinds as their preferred window treatment due to their slimline profile and the lack of visual weight they have within a space.

Yet you may be surprised to discover that hanging curtains in smaller spaces can make your room look and feel significantly larger. Below are 3 tips on how curtains could create the illusion of more space.

ceiling height white windows

Go High

Choosing extra long curtains and hanging them high above your window will give the illusion of more height and therefore more space within a small room. Choosing to mount curtain rods or tracks closer to the ceiling instead of a few inches above the window itself is a trick many interior designers and decorators have been using for years to make rooms and windows seem larger than they actually are. Luxurious floor to ceiling curtains demand attention and will draw your eye up towards the ceiling. Your chosen curtain doesn’t need to be a bold or striking colour or pattern for this tip to work. Even long, neutral coloured curtains will have the same effect whilst complementing the rooms existing colour scheme.

Choose Vertical Prints and Textures

Prints and patterns that contain vertical elements such as stripes can also be used to draw your attention up towards the ceiling and make a room look bigger. Again the pattern doesn’t have to be majorly bold or eye-catching, even a subtle texture running up through the curtains can often be all it takes to make your eye wander up to the top of the room.

Try to steer clear of bold horizontal prints as this could have the opposite effect and make your room feel smaller and overcrowded. You should also avoid adding bold coloured curtains if your room has more of a muted colour palette and instead opt for beautiful sheer curtains or a fabric that is just one of two shades darker than your walls instead. This will stop your curtains being the most dominant feature inside the space and instead blur the lines between where your walls end and the curtains begin which will, in turn, make the room feel more open and spacious.

vertical stripe curtains

Go Long

Another optical illusion that you can create using your curtains, or in fact the curtain rod, is to install a rod that is wider than the window you’re covering. Having a rod that's wider than your window will allow you to pull your curtains back further to show more of the window. Being able to see all of the window will allow more light into the room, which instantly makes a space feel more open and airy. Not having as much of the window being blocked by your curtains will also make the windows, and room, look and feel larger. This tip is a great choice if your windows lead to a picturesque back garden as seeing more of the view outside will blur the connection between the outdoors and your room inside therefore creating a feeling of openness.

charcoal coloured curtains

Hopefully, the tips above have given you some inspiration ways in which you could hang your curtains to make a room appear larger. Quickfit blinds & curtains stock a large range of curtain options that are perfect for creating the illusion of more space. Whether you’re looking for floor to ceiling custom made curtains or sleek and stylish sheer curtains, we’re sure we have a style to suit your home. 

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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