How To Measure Your Window For New Blinds

26th Jan 2017

Whether you just purchased new windows for your home and want to make the whole project complete with new blinds, you just moved into a new place and need blinds to protect your privacy and add a touch of comfort, or your pet ruined your last set of blinds and you need a replacement, you can count on Quickfit Blinds & Curtains to help you shop online for blinds that match your style, fit your window, and do not break your pocketbook. As you can tell, there are many different reasons someone may be in the market for some blinds (and likely there are plenty of reasons we did not even mention that can lead you here - and we are very happy to have you). Thanks for shopping online for blinds at Quickfit.

Quickfit specializes in roller blinds. Roller blinds are a unique type of blind in that they are not the traditional horizontal slat blind that decorates most homes. Roller blinds are created with one piece of stiff but flexible fabric that fits the window frame exactly as you need. Roller blinds come in blockout or SunScreen styles; the blockout style acts as one may imagine by preventing the sunlight from entering the room, while the SunScreen style is created with mini holes in the fabric to allow sunlight to filter in the room. Both blockout and SunScreen roller blinds are high-quality and come in a variety of colours to match your style.

Measuring for Roller Blinds

Before you make it too far through your shopping adventure, take special note about measuring for blinds. Whether you choose blockout or SunScreen blinds does not matter when it comes to measuring because they will both fit on the window in the same way.

Ready Made Roller Blinds

Ready made blinds are a collection of blinds that come in predetermined measurements. This is easy for you because as long as you have a standard window, you do not have to worry about measuring anything before placing your order. These blinds match the width of all standard windows and cannot be changed for your specific order. The length is 210cm. Upon receiving the roller blinds, many people choose to trim the bottom of the roller blind so there is not a lot of excess fabric left on the roll at the top. This is a very easy task! All ready made blinds from Quickfit come with detailed instructions about how to measure and cut the blind to fit the length of your window.

Custom, Made-to-Measure Roller Blinds

If you have a window that is not standard size, it is in your best interest to take advantage of Quickfit’s custom, made-to-measure blinds. Going this route affords you the opportunity to submit the width and length of your window, the colour, the style, and other decorative options to make this blind your very own. Measure carefully, twice, in millimeters. Pay attention to if you would like to mount the blinds inside or outside of the window frame. Tip: blind width is bracket to bracket; your fabric will be 2cm narrower on each side. Moreover, if you choose an inside mount, please do not deduct any measurements on your own. Measure exactly from side to side on the inside of the frame, and we will deduct a few millimeters so it slides in easily. Watch the video for more details!