How to Pick Home Decor Accessories Like a Pro

23rd Sep 2017

Decorating a room can feel a little bit like you are putting together a puzzle. You need to pick all of the right elements and hope that they combine to create a cohesive picture. For some people, this comes naturally. For others, it might feel like this is a picture that's never going to come into focus. If you are struggling to make your home look professionally decorated while taking the DIY approach, Quickfit has some tips to help! We've been working with decorators--both the professional kind and the weekend warrior kind--for years, helping them choose from our selection of shower curtains, blinds, cushions, and curtains online to create a picture-perfect space. Here are some of the tips that we've learned over the years that you can put into practice in your own home.

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Our Best Home Decorating Tips for Home Accessories

DO: Start with your colour palette.

Starting with your colour palette gives you a guide to work from while you shop for accessories. Take your colour palette with you when you shop; you'll be able to hold it up against the accessories that you are considering and determine whether or not they'll be a good match for the room. Don't be afraid to vary a little bit in your colour or tone, as this can interest to your room, but don't let the variations get too extreme.

DON'T: Forget an accent colour.

When you are building your colour palette, make sure that you pick one accent colour that adds a pop of something unexpected to the theme. You might decide to do your room primarily in blues and greys, but then add a pop of orange or yellow as accent colours. Often, the best accent colours are ones on the opposite side of the colour wheel from your primary colours. Consult a colour wheel if necessary.

DO: Mix the textures of your accessories.

It will add more interest to your space if you mix up the textures of your accessories. For instance, you can pick the same shade of curtains, cushions, and rug, but the textures should all be different. Maybe your rug is a deep pile shag, your curtains are velvet, and your cushions are satin. The different textures save the space from being boring, plus all those different textures and fabrics make the room feel even more luxurious.

DON'T: Get too matchy.

You want the accessories in your room to coordinate, but you don't necessarily want them to match. A room where everything matches perfectly is a boring room. Pops of colour, an unexpected accessory, or a bold choice in a fabric will save your space from being bland. Your furniture and accessories should all look like they are friends, but not relatives

DO: Hang at least one mirror.

Mirrors are an excellent way to add more light to your space. They reflect the light in the room, both natural and artificial, to make the space seem lighter and brighter. They also make the room seem bigger. Scale the mirror to the size of your wall; a small mirror on a large wall is going to feel like an afterthought. Hanging a mirror directly across from a window is the optimal placement if that's available in your space.

DON'T: Neglect your windows.

Your windows are some of the most important decorative elements of your space! Don't neglect them. Your window treatments, whether you choose curtains, blinds, or both, should coordinate with the rest of the room. Hang your curtains high up on the wall and allow them to reach all the way down to the floor for the biggest impact. For an unexpected pop of colour, paint your window casings in your accent colour. This will give your windows an even bigger impact!

Looking for more tips? Browse through our blog archives and discover lots of great home decor tips to make your space look its best. Don't forget to check out all of our cushions, blinds, and curtains online, too! Our selection will help you pull together a room so it looks its best with little effort on your part and all without draining your home decor budget, too. Place an order in our store today and take advantage of our flat-rate shipping offers!