How to Style with Latte or Taupe Coloured Curtains and Create Sophistication

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

If it is a bit of sophistication you are after in your room then you won't go wrong if you style your windows with a light brown, latte or taupe coloured curtains purchased online through Quickfit Blinds & Curtains. 

Latte or taupe ties back fabulously with black, grey and natural cream colours. It will give your room a sense of style, calm, and a soft masculine feel. Some may say it has the "Modern Hotel" look.Your curtains and carpets create your base. You then need one more key colour and an accent for your room to have the four key items of design: curtains, walls, carpets/floor, and sofa/bed/table. To create this look, allocate one of the four colours to each of these four key elements. 

We like the curtains to be either the black or the latte colour. You can mix it up however you like. You really can't go wrong with this palette.

To create this look it may help to paint one of the walls either a latte or grey shade. This will set the canvas for your dark curtains, either charcoal or black, the blockout (heavy type) curtain looks fantastic in this type of setting. Keep your curtains nice and full (lots of fabric in them) to create a bit of sophistication. Have your bed or sofa in a natural creamy grey. Throw on a few cushions in complementary colours, and you're done. You have a sophisticated stylish room with a masculine twist.

Dark Black Curtains | Carlisle Homes  

dark Chocolate curtains | carlisle Homes  Eyelet Curtains Latte Brown

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Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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