10 Tips To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

23rd Aug 2016

Decorating a home is incredibly satisfying. As you make a new space your own or refresh an old one from decades passed, you may find yourself happy, inspired, and frustrated along the way. Keep your head up, mate, because new home decorations can make a big difference! One thing that’s for sure about home decorating is it can get pricey quickly if you’re not careful. Whether you’re shopping online for a few new wall decorations, updating an entire room, or replacing necessities such as blinds or door handles, there are secrets to decorating on a budget everyone should know. We want to save you some change as you change, so check out these tips!

10 Budget-Friendly Tips For Decorating

1. Set A Budget

The first step to decorating on a budget is knowing exactly how much you can afford. It’s easy to spend too much money when you don’t know your limit... Keep on reading!

2. Use Free Sources

There are countless blogs and online resources for decoration ideas and DIY instructions; use them! Check out our blog for style and design tips, especially for window treatments... Keep on reading!

3. Tackle One Project At A Time

Keep things simple and paced by focusing on one project at a time... Keep on reading!

4. Shop Thrifty

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, right? Economically shop at jumble sales and thrift stores for hidden gems... Keep on reading!

5. Don’t Worry About Matching

Bohemian style is trending now, which means all pieces in a room don’t have to match. Whew! ... Keep on reading!

6. DIY Saves Lives (Money)

Get crafty with home decorating. You’ll be entertained and rewarded at the end... Keep on reading!

7. Strategize Choices

There are plenty of furniture pieces that double as storage. Think smart when buying new... Keep on reading!

8. Use Memorabilia

Hanging kids art and souvenirs from trips serves a dual purpose; you get the memorabilia out of a drawer and decorate a wall at the same time... Keep on reading!

9. Splurge Where Necessary

Think big pieces: blinds, appliances, statement art. Spend money on high-quality items that are functional and will last a long time... Keep on reading!

10. Use What You Own

Revamping decorations doesn’t mean buying new. Salvage as much as you can, and apply some of these other tips to give it a new angle... Keep on reading!