3 Tips For Home Decorators Who Want To Stay Relevant

31st May 2016

The good news is 2016 winter trends don’t stick to one theme, so everyone has an opportunity to find a new style that fits personally and matches 2016 trends. The beauty of matching these styles to your window treatments is you can shop online for blinds and curtains, which means you can compare different styles next to each other while sitting in your home instead of trying to imagine everything together when you’re shopping at the store.

2016 Home Window Trends

Statement Windows

Social media is all the craze right now (and has been for the past decade), so styles that will improve your online profile are considered right on trend today. Give your friends something to gaw over as they gaze at your new Cantina Thermal Pinch Pleat Curtains in Modern Leaf Jacquard. Statement pieces can start conversations and give people a unique look into your home decor.

Keep Things Natural

If you’re not into sharing everything on social media, you may decide to follow the more natural 2016 trend. Neutral colours that replicate Mother Nature are considered on trend this year. Deep greens, soft tans and browns, even blue is considered the new black. We can picture these latte roller blinds with deep blue curtains that are surrounded by a beautiful green wall.

       Latte Roller Blinds ($59)                    Blue Curtains ($25-$180)

Go Green

In an age with growing awareness of the human impact on the planet, it’s always in style to be sustainable. By shopping online for blinds and curtains with Quickfit, you’re shopping sustainably. We source, coat, and stitch packing in house, so we aren’t shipping products from overseas or across the country. Moreover, using window coverings at all increases your home’s energy efficiency, so the truth is that any style you choose from Quickfit will help you meet this environmentally-friendly trend.