3 Tips You’ll Want To Know Before Ordering Blinds Online

10th May 2016

Are you in the market to shop online for new blinds for your home? It can be daunting with so many different choices. How do you know which blinds will fit your specific windows? Will the colour look good in my newly decorated room? Questions such as these are the ones that are necessary to ask prior to making a huge purchase that will hang in your favourite rooms for weeks to come. We’re here to help!

Here are three tips to consider before ordering your new roller blinds from Quickfit.

1. Determine if you want the blind inside or outside the window.

This is simply aesthetic. Would you like to keep the frame simple? Hang the roller blind inside the window frame. Do you want to create a bold statement with larger blinds? Hang the roller blind outside the window frame.

2. Overestimate the length of the blind.

The beauty of roller blinds is that the hanging length is easily adjusted. By choosing a length that is longer than your window frame, you are ensuring the window can be completely covered. The blind can be rolled up to a higher height to expose the window. Measuring too short can result in a blind that doesn’t cover the entire window.

3. Don’t forget about the roller blind accessories.

It’s easy to get swept away in the beauty of the roller blind material itself, but don’t neglect the accessories, such as the bottom rail, the bracket and side winder, and the roller chain. Quickfit offers accessories in white, black, and silver, so choose the colour that best complements the blinds’ colour.

Shop online for blinds and accessories with Quickfit. Create your own made-to-measure blinds for the absolute perfect fit!