A New Way To Think About Blinds

14th Sep 2016

Window treatments have been a main element of home decor for decades, maybe even centuries. Throughout the ages, we have seen blinds and curtains transform as they strive to keep up with the latest trends, revolutionary technologies, and necessary functions.

All the while, blinds and curtains have maintained similar functions and styles. However, one style of blind is taking over the rest as it moves forward with technological advances in an affordable way.

Roller blinds are the new trend, nearly taking over our entire online collection of blinds. We prefer roller blinds for a myriad of reasons. Here are a few:

Roller blinds act custom without actually being custom.

Since roller blinds are made of a material that is easily measured and cut, it is a great style choice for a home with varying sized windows. Quickfit will send a blind that is a little bigger than the size of your window. Then, you will measure and cut specifically for your window. No need to pay custom price when you can do it yourself!

Let us clarify that this customizable feature is for the length. You will indicate in the order whether you want the blinds to hang inside the window frame or outside the frame, and we’ll send an accurately-sized blind width. If you’d like truly custom roller blinds, we are happy to create made-to-measure blinds just for you and your home!

Roller blinds are easier to clean.

Both Venetian blinds and horizontal slat blinds require a delicate hand and a patient cleaner. Unlike roller blinds which can be wiped down with one rag in just a few swoops, the slatted blinds must be cleansed one slat at a time. Yes, there are tricks to clean it faster, but nothing beats the speed of a good roller blind clean.

To clean roller blinds, simply dampen a soft rag, and wipe it across the entire front and back surface. This will eliminate dirt and elongate the lifespan of the roller shade in general.

Roller blinds come in SunShades and blockout styles.

Sometimes, it is hard to choose whether a room should allow in the sunlight or block it out. Quickfit’s online blinds collection includes both SunShades and blockout roller blinds, so both looks can be achieved. Cannot decide? Why not get SunShade blinds and blockout curtains?

A black SunShade roller blind.

A black blockout roller blind.

Technology can be easily added to modify roller blinds.

There are many tech gurus in the world who are making living more automated and easier. For instance, MOVE is a motorized controller that connects to roller blinds and is activated through an app using Bluetooth technology. The app can control whether the blinds are opened or closed, and an automated setting may be selected to allow the app to control it independently, depending on the temperature outside the window in order to make your home more efficient.

The possibilities are endless for roller blinds. We love them, and we love to share roller blinds with everyone.

Get your roller blinds today; they come in many different colours and styles.