Budget Decorating Tip #4: Shop Thrifty

30th Aug 2016

A typical shopping trip often leaves me feeling exhausted, broke, but still a little happy because of the new things I got to bring home. What makes me even happier during a shopping trip is when it was a thrifty one in which I got to shop through the best forgotten trends, gems of a house decoration items that have gone unnoticed for years, and the extra cash that was in my purse upon my return home.

I liked thrift shopping. And I like shopping online for new things, too.

There are a few different ways to shop thrifty: visit a thrift store for unique and nostalgic items that work well used, and shop frugally online for things you want to be new, such as curtains, blinds, appliances, electronics, and more.

Determining the budget helps you figure what should be bought new and what can be bought thrifty or used.

Thrifty and Used Home Decorations

When looking for opportunities to reduce, reuse, or recycle when upgrading home decorations, shopping thrifty is the way to go. Visiting thrift shops lends to hours of entertainment, transporting back years in time to see the hidden gems that others have graciously donated. There will be absolutely wonderful decorations that deserve to be in your living space. Take them home. Add your own touch. Take pride in what you’ve created out of another’s gift.


  • Is the item still in good or fair condition?
  • Do you have a great idea for it?
  • Will you need any functionality of the item that may be broken or misplaced?
  • How well do you enjoy conversation-starting decorations?

New and Affordable Home Decorations

While it’s important to keep to budget, there are certain home decorations that can be purchased new with an affordable price tag that will do wonders through the years. Buying new is suggested for areas of the home with custom measurements or tech upgrades.


  • Does the function need to be at a certain level?
  • Will mismatched or poorly measured pieces of art, blinds, curtains, televisions, plants, etc. look good?
  • How many times will I have to replace this before I just buy a new one anyway?

Hopefully this budget decorating tip suffices your penny-pinching and exquisite decorating tastes equally.

Enjoy your project, and good luck!