Celebrate Mom With New Blinds For The Home

2nd May 2016

Moms are the saving grace that keep many homes together. She cooks, cleans, nurtures, and in today’s modern age, likely works outside of the home as well. There are so many great things you can give to your mom to show your appreciation, but instead of staying inside the box by gifting the typical flowers and card, shop online for blinds that your mother will love.

Trending Curtains And Blinds To Update Mom’s Home

2016 trends are bringing back some of our favourites from past decades as well as introducing new styles altogether. Which do you think your mom will like best?

Dark Blue Is The New Black

Blue is the new black in 2016. It remains a neutral colour by professional consideration. Blue curtains are a welcomed touch of colour to differ from the harsh and typical black. Don’t forget to throw in some beautiful indigo shibori cushions as a wonderful accent to the new curtains.

Two Tone Curtains

This new curtain style brings together a simple neutral colour for a majority of the panel and then showcases a block of colour at the bottom near the floor. At first glance, guests will admire the nicely balanced curtain and then be pleasantly surprised at the pop of colour to bring the room to 2016. Choose your own colour combinations when you shop for these two tone curtains online.

Roller Blinds

Upgrade your mother’s windows by installing roller blinds. Shopping online for blinds with Quickfit means you can create blinds that fit the exact measurement needed. These custom blinds can create a polished look. Perfectly fitted window coverings are a great update to any room in the home.