Clean Your Roller Blinds With These Simple Steps

13th Apr 2016

We love roller blinds, and we suspect that after a quick shop through our online blinds collection, you will love roller blinds, too. We want your blinds to last as long as possible, so here are some quick instructions to clean those blinds and keep them in tip top shape.

How To Clean Roller Blinds

1. Vacuum with a soft bristled brush.

Grab your vacuum cleaner and attach the soft bristled head. Turn it on a low setting and carefully move the head across the entire surface. Be sure to extend the blinds all the way down in order to clean the entire surface.

2. Spot clean with dishwashing soap.

Roller blinds are made with acrylic material, which makes it sensitive to heavy cleaning. Don’t throw these blinds in the laundry, especially if you have blockout roller blinds. Instead, create a solution of warm water and just a dash of dishwashing soap. Using a soft rag or soft bristled brush, gently scrub the dirtiest spots away from the blind.

3. Surface clean and rinse.

Even though you just vacuumed away the dirt particles and spot cleaned the stains, it’s time to give the roller blinds a thorough clean. It’s simple! Take a rag and get it completely wet. Wring it out thoroughly so that it is not dripping. Wipe the rag along the entire blinds, starting at the bottom and working upward.

Roller blinds are very easy to maintain and give any room a great look. Shop online for roller blinds to get yours today!