Create Unique Separation Stations Using Blinds

14th Jun 2016

Are you a preparatory, primary, or secondary school teacher? Have you thought about using roller blinds in your homeroom other than to cover the windows? We love roller blinds because they come in a variety of colours, can be made to custom measurements, and are an easy and lovely addition to a homeroom. Shop online for roller blinds to add to your homeroom. These are a few of our favourite ideas.

Create Centre Spaces For Preparatory Schools

The young children who break out into small groups throughout the day can benefit from physical barriers in different centre spaces. As a teacher, if you have four different projects or tasks happening in the school, hanging roller blinds to separate the spaces is a good way to eliminate distractions of other centres as well as add a pop of colour to the room.

A Silent Space

Older students may benefit from a silent space in the homeroom which is separated by roller blinds. Often, chatty teenagers need a place to go to remove themselves from the many distractions and focus on studies. A collection of a few roller blinds can easily separate a disruptive student without completely removing them from the educational instruction.

Additional Teaching Moments

Hanging roller blinds in their traditional place on a window can serve more of a purpose than covering a window alone. Teachers can use roller blinds and natural sunlight to teach students about energy efficiency, which helps convert students into sustainable citizens of the earth.

Adding roller blinds to your homeroom is simple, fun, and effective. Shop online for roller blinds now.