Did You Know Melbourne Used To Be Called Batmania?

24th May 2016

Superhero nerds from around the world will soon flock to Melbourne because of this incredibly fantastic fact: it used to be called Batmania! Some say it was named this after explorer John Batman, but we know this to be a sleek ploy by the nightly hero. This is no Gotham City, but you can take this opportunity to create a Batmania of your own for your son’s bedroom with the help of Quickfit’s online blinds and curtains selections. Here’s how to do it.

Creating A Batman Themed Kid’s Room

The Window

Start at the window because that’s where your little tyke will be gazing out and dreaming of Batman. Stick with Batman’s favourite time, the dark night, by hanging a black roller blind and black curtains. Not a huge fan of hanging black on black? Try this unique cityscape curtain (which is actually a shower curtain, but hey, it still works). Then, add a projectable night light to shine the Batman emblem onto the dark window, and give the theme a good start.

A Batmobile Bed

Ironically embrace the fast-moving nature of the Batmobile by creating a bed shaped like the car itself for your kiddo to sleep in every night. Follow this great DIY tutorial to build your own Batmobile bed.

Yellow Walls

The room wouldn’t be complete without Batman’s complimentary colour to black: yellow. Paint the walls yellow and add a detailed city mural to represent the city which your youngin’ will protect each night.

There are so many fun things you can do to create a Batman themed room for your son. We wish we could provide all of these fun accessories and amenities, but so far you can count on Quickfit for an online blinds and curtains selection.