Getting Married? How To Decide On Window Coverings

6th Jun 2016

Marriage is quite the adventure. You found someone with whom you want to share your life. That means more than just a friendly hello in the morning and a kiss goodnight before bed. For many, this means picking up two separate lives and coming together into one - one home, one family, one decision. If you’ve successfully found your one person and are headed toward marriage, you’re likely thinking about creating a home together. A home requires many decisions, but you can only make one decision. Quickfit is here to help you choose your window coverings. Read this blog to get started, and then shop online for blinds and curtains to see your new home come to life!

How To Choose Window Coverings

If you’ve never lived together, then chances are high that you’re just learning how to make decisions together. Before this committed relationship, both partners had the freedom of choosing the exact window covering he or she wanted. Now, there are two people who need to make one decision. There are a few great ways to make this work so everyone gets to live in a desirable home and know that the two of you can make decisions together.

Remember: You’re On The Same Team

The goal here is to choose window coverings that will make your new home comfortable. What do you both have in common? Do you like the same colours or scenes for a room? Talk about your preferences and see what you can come up with together to create a space that’s perfect for the both of you.

But, You’re Still Different People

Your differences are what attracted you to each other in the first place. Nurture these differences and let yourselves balance out each other. One of you may have an unknown knack for picking curtains while the other can pick out the perfect blinds.

Once you figure out your home vision together and let go of trying to mesh two styles into the same space, you’ll be just fine.

Choosing window coverings is easy with Quickfit. You can order sample curtains and blinds online to make this decision in your new home.