Happy First Day Of Winter! Is Your Home Ready?

20th Jun 2016

Winter is finally here! The temperatures are falling, and the cold moisture is on its way. Is your home ready for the change in weather? When it comes to preparing your home for the new season, it’s essential to think practically and take action now before the weather gets too terribly bad. Alongside shopping online for roller blinds that can help insulate your home (more details on that later), there are a few tasks you can accomplish quickly that will make a big difference in your comfort and the preservation of your home.

Three Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Protect The Plumbing

Drain water from hoses, unused faucets, and sprinklers before it freezes and bursts. Wrap a blanket around the water heater to help it stay warm during cool temperatures and work less to keep the water at the warm, comfortable temperature.

Get It Toasty

Do you have a fireplace or HVAC system? Do a maintenance check on these items before asking them to blast heat throughout the entire home. This will prevent any maintenance problems that may happen during the coldest days when you’ll want the heat the most.

Block The Leaks

This is where the blinds and curtains come into play. When the temperatures are colder outside compared to inside the house, the house wants to fall to the same temperature as the surroundings. That means the warm air will leak outside wherever it can find a spot. Blinds and curtains that fit properly to a window will serve as a protective layer, making it more difficult for the warm air to escape. This saves you money because you’re not spending cash to pump warm air outside, and you won’t feel a draft through the house.

Another way to ensure there are no air leaks is to caulk the windows and walls where you see gaps to the outside world.

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