Home Decorating Mistake #2: Misplaced Art

12th Aug 2016

The look of your home is extremely important. It’s the place you go for safety, comfort, family, and so much more. Poorly decorating your home can leave you feeling off-kilter or disappointed. That’s no way to go through life! Instead of guessing at the best ways to decorate your home, take some advice from the people who have made the mistakes before you. Home decorating is more than shopping online for the right blinds, cushions, or art pieces (but those are very important, too). Today, we’re expanding our blog series about the most common home decorating mistakes to help you avoid them. The next common mistake after bad lighting is misplaced art. Let’s make sure you don’t follow in the wrong footsteps.

Mistake: Misplaced Art

You’ve chosen the exact right pieces of art for your home, but hanging the art in the right spot is equally as important as choosing the right pieces. Many people try to hang the art so it is evenly placed between the top of the furniture and the ceiling. Symmetry is not necessarily better when hanging art.

How To Avoid It

When styling a room, consider all of the elements. Which blinds did you choose online? Are they a piece of art in themselves, or do you need to hang artwork near the window to give it some life?

When hanging the artwork, keep it at eye level. Not only will this make it easier for you to enjoy, but it will help detract from the illusion that your art is floating away if it is hanging too high. Some expert home decorators say to keep the top of the art below 175 cm, but this should not be a hard pressed number.

Enjoy your art; don’t misplace it.

Stay tuned to learn how matching everything in your room can be a devastating result for a well-intended home decoration idea, or start at the beginning of our series with an overview of the five most common home decorating mistakes.

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