Home Decorating Mistake #4: Quantity Over Quality

16th Aug 2016

Avoid the urge to hoard! We all have our tendencies to keep or to buy things we don’t need, don’t want, or don’t have a purpose. Yet, for some reason, we sometimes give in to the urge. Mistake #4 in home decorating 101 is to choose quantity over quality. You’ll soon learn that purchasing more blinds online, more knick-knacks at the store, and more artwork won’t make your home decor complete. Do yourself a favour, and skip the place holders to wait for the one quality piece that will set your room decor to the top of the charts.

Mistake: Quantity Over Quality

The problem with using many different items to decorate is the room can become cluttered, closed, and incomplete, which may be hard to believe is possible when using so many things. Tons of decorations can make the room feel jumbled and claustrophobic. Moreover, people are more likely to spend too much money on home decorations by buying multiple cheap items instead of saving for the one expensive and nice item they truly want.

How To Avoid It

Patience is key in this scenario. If you want your home decor to be classy, chic, and clean, then you need to practice patience. It’s okay to not look at all decorations at once. By choosing one theme of knick-knacks to display at a time, you’re eliminating a cluttery look, properly decorating for different times of year, and enjoying the different pieces when they’re displayed.

Another way to avoid decoration clutter is by saving up for the decor pieces you really, really want. If there is a nice piece of art that will complement the room perfectly but is a bit out of your price range now, don’t go and buy a few cheap posters to fill the space in the meantime. Instead, leave the wall blank until you can afford the art you want. Truth be told, you’d probably buy the art anyway and toss the posters in a corner to never be viewed again.

Don’t buy decorations just to buy decorations.

Similarly, when choosing window treatments, make the right choice the first time. Do research, and really think about the style of blinds you want hanging in your home. Instead of quickly shopping online for blinds that you don’t want and re-shopping again later, take the time to choose the right look from the get-go. In the long run, you’ll appreciate a well-thought out choice instead of a rushed and quantity-driven one.

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