Our Blinds And Curtains Are Certified Safe For Children

18th Mar 2016

Yesterday we posted a blog about the need for a safety check on your current blinds and curtains since the cords are one of the home’s hidden hazards. We care about the safety of your children, which is why all of our blinds and curtains meet Australia’s product safety standards. Have you found that your blinds are unsafe? You can shop online for blinds and curtains and have your home’s safety upgraded by the end of the week.

Australian Safety Standards For Blinds And Curtains

The warning states: “Warning: Curtain and blind cords have caused the death of young children and must be installed so that they are not a strangulation hazard. Follow the installation instructions:...”

Two specific measurements that affect the safety are:

The cord must remain attached to the wall when it is subjected to a 70 N tension force for 10 seconds or longer.

It must be impossible for the cord to create a 220mm or longer loop from a 1600mm height above the floor.

How Quickfit Surely Follows These Standards

Included with each of your online blinds purchase is an instructions manual and stated warnings about the hazards that cords can cause. We include specific instructions for installation that keeps your children and pets safe from harm, but it’s up to you to follow these directions to see it through. We can’t be there to install the blinds for you, so we trust you to keep your home safe!

Moreover, you will find hazard warnings on the window covering itself, the packaging, and the cord, so you have no excuse to disregard the warnings if you throw away the instructions.

We care about your safety. You can count on all of our blinds and curtains to meet these standards.