Quick Tips For Cleaning Windows

4th May 2016

It’s come to my attention that I focus much of this blog content about different things you can do with the curtains and blinds you buy online at Quickfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping online for blinds and curtains, and I hope that you do, too. Now, I want to turn my focus to the window that you’re covering. It deserves attention, too. Today’s blog is all about quick tips for cleaning your home’s windows. It’s an important chore that helps keep up the value of your home.

There are three pieces that comprise a thorough window cleaning: frames, screens, and glass.

How To Thoroughly (And Quickly) Clean your Windows


The best place to start is by cleaning the frame from the dust, dirt, cobwebs, and dead bugs that tend to find peace in a window frame. While seeing the smudges come off the glass is one of the best parts of cleaning windows, it’s essential to get the dust out of the way first in order to avoid it streaking across the glass as you wipe it clean.

Clean the frame with a feather duster, and use a cloth covered screwdriver to dig those bugs out of the frame trenches.


Use your vacuum cleaner to get all of the dust and dirty bugs off of your screen, especially before you leave the windows open for the first time during the nice weather. If vacuuming the screen doesn’t work, take down the screen and hit it with water from the hose for a good rinse.


Now comes the fun part of removing all dirty marks on the glass. Using a standard glass cleaner, spray the glass until it is fully covered but not dripping. Wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth to prevent streaks. Wipe the inside of the window horizontally. Repeat this process to clean the outside of the window, but wipe vertically instead. If you can’t reach the outside of the window, hit it with a hose.

Now that you’re prepared to clean your windows, you can shop online for blinds and curtains to decorate with a finishing touch.