The Business Owner’s Survival Guide To Window Coverings

2nd Jun 2016

If you have the luxury of decorating your business, then you’ll love Quickfit’s online selection of roller blinds. Hanging window decor at the office is just as important (if not more important) than hanging blinds and curtains at home. The office is where you and your employees spend eight hours each day, so it’s like a second home. People should feel comfortable, but it should also express professionalism to maintain the proper reputation and a high level of productivity.

How To Choose Window Coverings For The Workplace

Curtains or Blinds?

The first debate is between curtains or blinds.

Some people choose both, which settles this debate instantly.

Others like curtains alone because they are more colourful and forward, giving the office a more comfortable feel. We recommend curtains for small office spaces with few windows.

Roller blinds are a good investment for large offices with many windows because they are easy to unify and are more affordable when purchasing large quantities. Moreover, roller blinds can be easily adjusted to different heights, which is good for computer users looking to decrease the sunlight’s glare.

What Colour?

The colour of the window covering at your office may be the last thing on your mind, but we’ve learned something interesting about decor throughout the years. When an office is decorated well, people rarely notice. When an office is not decorated at all, it is likely the only thing people will remember.

We recommend you shop online for roller blinds that match the theme of your office. There are many different neutral coloured blinds that will suffice for this job.