The True Cost Of Buying Bad Blinds

29th Jul 2016

Cheap is good, right?


There are cheap things that are awesome. Cheap entertainment is cool. Cheap second-use furniture can be broken in just right. Cheap meals are delicious.

As much as we’d like to jump on the Cheap Train for as many things as possible, sometimes we have to refrain. Cheap cost isn’t always the best purchase. Someone who has purchased cheap blinds may find that they are also bad blinds. On the contrary, Quickfit’s online collection of blinds is both affordable and reliable. So, what do you do when you accidentally bought bad blinds because of the nearly free and totally cheap price tag? You turn to Quickfit.

What Are Cheap, Bad Blinds?

We define cheap, bad blinds as the plastic horizontal blinds that can bend, break, and lose quality quickly. There are nice horizontal blinds one can buy, but more often than not, the cheap blinds will break within a year and must be replaced enough times to warrant the total cost of purchasing nice blinds from the beginning.

How Does Quickfit Compare?

Quickfit features roller blinds at affordable prices. The single piece of fabric keeps the blinds looking great without having too many working parts that can easily break. There are a few different styles of roller blinds available, all of which are affordable panels. They won’t be “cheap,” though, because we believe cheap reflects on quality, and we don’t sacrifice quality.

Check out our online selection of roller blinds, and learn more about Quickfit’s 14-day blinds return policy if you’re not satisfied with our level of quality.