What Are The Differences Between Blinds And Curtains?

6th Jul 2016

For those of you just starting out on your own, you may need a quick foundational reference point for decorating your windows. Blinds and curtains are often used together as people describe the things that cover the windows. But what are blinds, and what are curtains? Today, we take it back to the simple steps to make it clear for you. Shopping online for blinds and curtains is easy at Quickfit; we sell them both separately, so you can get exactly what you want for your home.

What Are Blinds?

Blinds are the window coverings that cover the window directly. The stereotypical, classical style of blinds are horizontal slats stacked on top of each other and attached by a few strings on a pulley system that make the blinds go up and down. Horizontal blinds can be tilted to varying angles.

Today, though, we love the roller blinds. Roller blinds are one swatch of fabric that covers the entire window. It is also on a pulley system, but this style of blind only has one pull cord to raise and lower the fabric.

Blinds can be used for both function and design.

What Are Curtains?

Like blinds, curtains are window coverings that are used for both design and function. Curtains, however, are the pieces of fabric that hang in front of the window and commonly drape to the floor. The curtains can come in many different styles, thicknesses, and colours and are a very easy way to decorate a room while providing privacy and other functions.

Do You Always Have To Use Blinds And Curtains Together?

Curtains and blinds pair together very well as window coverings; however, they do not need to always be used together. That’s the beauty of designing your own home windows: you get to decide exactly how you want to decorate.

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