Why Home Owners Need To Care About Window Treatments

13th Sep 2016

The beauty of owning a home is the freedom to make decoration, to remodel, and other general living decisions for the home; no more reporting to a landlord! This comes with more chores, sure, but it also comes with a place that is uniquely yours. Here at Quickfit, we strive to make it easy for home owners to decorate windows, with a large online collection of blinds and curtains that are delivered right to your door.

If you recently purchased a new home or condo and are ready to make some serious decorating decisions, we recommend starting with the windows, and here’s why:

Blinds protect privacy.

When moving somewhere new, chances are there will be plenty of new neighbors ready to stick their noses in the window to see what is happening with the new people on the block. Let your neighbors get to know you at your own pace by hanging blinds to protect your privacy.

Blinds regulate the sunlight in the room.

Too much sunlight in a room can damage floors. Whether it fades the carpet or the hardwood, it is never a fun project to redo the flooring, especially if it could have prevented the damage in the first place.

Another way blinds can regulate the sunlight filtered into a room is if you choose SunShade or Blockout styles. SunShades allow the sunlight to filter lightly into the room, and blockout blinds do the opposite. When thinking about a nursery or child’s room, blockout blinds are a great choice, especially for nap time.

Curtains add a decorative, comfortable touch.

Once the blinds are hanging, a cozy touch can be added to the rest of the room. Hang curtains in the room to add a more decorative touch, tie together a recurring theme, or add another layer of blockout technology. Curtains come in many different styles and colours, so home owners from all walks of life will have an equal opportunity to find great, affordable curtains online at Quickfit.

Enjoy your new home by decorating the windows today! We love to help.