Pretty Pink Princess Prefers Pastel

28th Jan 2016

The little princess in your life probably has high expectations when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom palace. There are so many fun decorations that can turn the bedroom from the boring ol’ room to the elegant princess tower. And the truth is that it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to spoil your princess. The best place to start is to turn her bedroom into a castle. We recommend this beautiful mosquito net and some matching curtains, available online at Quickfit.

The pretty pink mosquito net is decorated with pastel daisies. It hangs directly from the ceiling with a 50 cm hoop and 200 cm drapes to cover the bed. The princesses we know and love sleep under a pink net on a single bed or cot so that the entire bed can be covered. Any beds larger than this must spend time sharing the net since it cannot cover the entire area.

The pastel flowers come in pink, yellow, and purple colours. We know that princesses love to match themes, so if you’re in the business of decorating the castle towers, then we recommend finding blankets, pillows, and other accessories to match the colours of the flowers and net itself. Click to shop our selection of pretty pink and purple curtains online that will match the purple pastel flower.

Princesses can find all sorts of fun ways to entertain themselves and guests. Imaginations soar when a traditional bedroom is turned into a place fit for a princess. We expect you’ll have tea a time or two. So don’t forget to find a pretty gown for your princess when you reveal the transformation that her bedroom will receive.