Quickfit’s Favourite Black Curtains Online

11th Jul 2016

Welcome to the Quickfit’s Colourful Curtain blog series. Today, we’re showing you the different black curtains we sell online and giving you suggestions on how to best style a room using black curtains.

Styling A Room With Black Curtains

Black is a versatile colour for curtains. Considered a neutral colour style, black curtains go with nearly any room decor. Black curtains serve as a good, strong contrast to a lightly painted room or add to the moody feel of a deep coloured wall. Black curtains don’t look as good with navy walls because the colours look too similar, but not quite close enough that it appears you could not correctly match your decor.

Once you have your walls and windows covered, move on to the accessories and other decor in the room. We love when cushions or wall art matches the curtains, as it really brings the room together.

Black Curtains Online With Quickfit

Blockout Eyelet Curtain

The blockout properties of this curtain panel prevent the unwanted sunlight from entering the room. These curtain panels run for $26.25 per panel and are one of the more affordable black blockout curtains online at Quickfit. The eyelet header makes it easy to install on a curtain rod and gives it an even look across the window.

STRING Curtain Panel / Fringe Room Divider

This black curtain does not hang in front of a window; instead, we display it as a room divider between the kitchen and living space. Its sheer properties make it inviting, decorative, and add a bit of dimension to the open space. You can buy this decorative panel for $19.95.

Not interested in black curtains? Stay tuned for our next post: Quickfit’s Favourite Cream Curtains Online, or shop by all curtain colours to find the ones that are right for your space.